Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fridays junking find was a very nice curtain panel. I had a plan for it the minute it caught my eye. I am a very big slipcover fan. My love affair with slipcovers started when I had children, not to mention a couple of dogs. I also love them because I like change. I placed the curtain over the chair, making sure that it was long enough to go from front to back, but it also needs to be the right width and that means covering the seat and reaching underneath the arms. The side of the chair under the arms will show, but it always works out when you fold the excess front and back it cover the sides of the chair. Think like you are wrapping a package.
The next step is what makes this work. Take a needle and upholstery thread and just begin gathering the fabric wherever it needs to fit the shape of your chair. If you are careful and do not sew the piece to the chair. It can still be taken off and washed.

I just had to add a little lace and guess what it is. Did you guess that the lace on the back was a pillowcase?

It took half a day to do this project, but the red chair is now Shabby Chic.

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