Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

I really did not spend too much time decorating for Halloween this year, but I pulled out these little blackbird witches and placed them around my dishes and kept my little cup filled with candy corn and since I can't share my candy with you I thought another "How I Did It" might do for a treat.You will need a Styrofoam egg and a small round. You can make these any size you wish them to be. I just went to the craft store and played with the different sizes until I liked the look. I seemed to like the head to be very small in comparison to the body.
The beak is a diagonal cut from the stem of a black plastic rose and about an inch in length.

I used paper wrapped florist wire for the legs and broom handle and also cut a small piece to attach head to body. Put glue on wire and insert wire into head and body.
insert beak to make a hole and position, but do not glue just yet.
Tear your strips of fabric as small a width as you can. I was able to tear my strips a little under 1/2 inch.
Take the beak out and fill the hole with a little Fabric Tac. Tie a strip of your fabric around the beak and place beak back in the hole. Hold in place for a few minutes and then add a little Fabric Tac around the beak and face area and just start wrapping.I did use the glue to hold the strip in place around the face, but once you get to wrapping your strip around the bird, you will only need to use glue at the beginning and end of each strip.

Glue a little rhinestone on for an eye.
Bend your wire like this to make the feet( I ended up painting the legs black ).
Add the legs to body. I used a pen to punch through the fabric to the Styrofoam and glue in place.
For the tail feathers grab a few strips of your fabric and tie a knot, cut and glue in place.

To make the hat. Form a cone out of a piece of paper. Glue and trim. When dry decide how tall you want the hat to be and cut off the bottom.
For the brim cut a circle out of the same paper and glue cone to circle. Add a little ribbon and Ta-da!

Glue hat on head.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween! What a great tutorial. You always do such great work and I love it that you are willing to share your ideas. Have a great week! (think I said great enough?)

  2. love love love the tutorial I am so going to do that for next year Hugs Sara

  3. Awesome tutorial! You always do these so well, hell if I can understand them anyone can :) Your display is real nice. Good to hear from you again.

  4. i have a little something for you at my blog

  5. oh wow this is SO SO VERY CUTE! Adorable! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting my blog recently :) Cassandra


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