Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.I just have to tell you the story of my white flocked tree. Years ago my husband and I ran across a white tree and it was just so beautifully decorated and I told him one day I would like to get a white tree. We started out buying a real trees, but my oldest son was allergic to them, so then came the artificial trees. We bought a really nice green tree and it lasted many years. Five years ago I was out shopping and ran across this beautiful white flocked tree and the memory of me telling the Dh so many years ago made me want to get the tree, but I just could not pay what they wanted for it. I came home and told my DH about the tree and went about getting my decorations out and ready to put on the old green tree, but little did I know, my dear sweet husband was out buying the tree for my Christmas gift. He also remembered our first christmas together and wanted me to have that white tree. Every year after christmas I would put my beautiful tree in the box up in the attic. Two years ago I took the tree down and opened up the box and my beautiful white tree was yellow! The acid from the cardboard box had ruined my tree. I thought maybe if I left it in the box another year it would turn more beige and that is what happened and here it is. Shabby chic for sure, but I think I love it even more this year!


  1. I love your tree, I have a new white tree this year, last few years all the white trees I have ever had turn yellow, doesn't seem to matter what you wrap it in, this year I'm keeping it in the house to see if it turns yellow in AC HEHE
    Happy Holidays

  2. Just like love, your beautiful white tree has changed with the patina of "time"! What a beautiful story and fabulous gift. Your gorgeous tree surely is the gift that keeps on giving. Hugs, Terri xoxo


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