Friday, July 9, 2010

A Purse From Drab to Fab

I found this purse at one of my local thrift stores and it had never been used, but lacked a little pizazz, so this is what I did.
That is much better!
First I tear a 1 inch strip of fabric about a yard in length.I love raw edges!
Stitched along the edges with a large zig zag stitch and then added a little trim.
Pin the strip to the purse.
Grabbed a little raffia and what kind of needle is this? LOL (I now know this is an upholstery needle)Thank you!
Stitched the strip to the purse with the raffia.
I kinda like it, but it needs more and I think a few rag roses will do the trick.
Why not add a little lace and a raffia bow.
It works for me!

I make my rag roses a little different than ribbon roses.I begin with a 3/4 inch strip of torn fabric a yard in length and tie a knot.
Keeping the knot loose.
Turning the edge end down and putting in a few stitches to hold before I begin wrapping.
Then I take the long end of the strip and begin turning and wrapping. There are many tutorials on the web for making ribbon roses, so I will not take the time to show that, but that is the technique used.

I tack with a needle and thread every now and then to keep everything in place.

For the leaves, I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

All that is left to do is attach the leaves to the roses with needle and thread and sew to the purse. I am not big on glue, but you could tack them to the purse with fabric glue or even hot glue would work. I just have this thing about sewing things on if at all possible and I like to use upholstery thread in most projects.


  1. Your bag turned out beautiful! It's a great idea to start the roses with a knot. I have to keep that in mind.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Great purse love the details and the tutorial! Good to hear from you again! hugs,Pearl

  3. What a transformation. Great job.

  4. Kim, you have outdone yourself this time. Have you carried it yet? I'll bet everyone will stop you and ask where you got it. Beautiful. I really like it. The tutorial was such a treat, also. You keep inspiring us, for sure!

  5. Wonderful purse, and your needle is an upholstery needle.

  6. Kim, I'd never, ever recognize that old purse! You certainly waved magic with your upholstery needle, some thread a a bit of fabric. Your new purse is gorgeous and sure to garner a whole heap of compliments. Thanks for showing how it was done too. Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. Kim, dressing up this nice, but oh-so-plain bag the way you have is fabulous! Thank you for also letting us know your techniques. The redone bag is totally awesome!


  8. Oh wow you are so clever....firstly to see the potential in the little love what you did with it.

  9. The bag is so awesome! I would stop you on the street to ask where you got it!

  10. Loooove your new bag - how the plain and ordinary can be transformed into extraordinary scrumminess!! Gorgeous!
    Hugs xxx

  11. Thanks for sharing your creativity. I love this purse. Your work inspires creativity in me.
    Blessings to you

  12. That is just adorable! Thank you for a great tutorial!

  13. don't do things half way do you! Adorable! Hope all is well with you!

  14. oh my what a fabulous purse make over - this is just to die for! I just found your blog and I think you are so very creative! Love your intuitive creations - thank you for sharing the "how to"s with us all - that is so generous!


  15. your new bag is wonderful. How great that you not only showed us what you did with it, but how you did it. Thank you!

  16. how wonderful...this is magical!!!

  17. Very clever, the purse turned out great!


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