Saturday, September 23, 2017

It is time to start blogging again!!!!!

Yes I have decided to start blogging again. It seems like maybe a waste of time. Not sure if anyone really looks at them much anymore, but what goes around might come back around. I am not big into Facebook and not really sure why? Lots of people with strong opinions and very eager to share them. Instagram is just so easy to use. Take a quick pic and throw it up there and then with one click you can share it with Facebook. Now if only Instagram would connect with blogger you could post effortlessly and the blog would be back in the picture or not?
I am here to talk about whats going on in the studio, I think I will just add a pic right here
 I long time ago I had the idea that I wanted to draw faces on with pencil to tap into the artful side of the doll. I did it on the driftwood angel years ago and liked the results. I have seen a few artist who are doing this now and I still love the effect. It is hard though to spend time sewing and stuffing a doll to put that pencil to the face knowing that you might just ruin it. The funny thing to me is how the pencil just sinks into the fabric. I pulled and brushed and rubbed the face and it is there! 
her dress is Burlap with touches of lace and wispy cheesecloth. Her hair is cotton sewing thread sewn into place. I did a little embroidery of roses and leaves. She was fun to make and now I have already started on the next one. I really do love doing the faces because it is a surprise! A doodle face coming to life. Fun! 
I will add a few more pics and call it a post!


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  1. The work of the fabric and the dress is really beautiful !You never know truth is not everybody is on facebook or instagram we sometimes forget that :)blogger is still owned by Google and makes it quite relevant! with the rules changing every month on all these networks it cannot be a waste of time both for you and your readers to update your own place :) it's just my opinion


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