Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016

It is hard to believe that Christmas is over. Really where does the time go! I decided to go with a white tree this year. I lost my beautiful white flocked tree to not storing it correctly. Never ever store a flocked tree in the box because the tree will turn yellow. Now I know! I found this one at Walmart and I love it! I love how it has lights already attached and the fact there is plenty of space to hang my many collected and handmade ornaments. For years I did not like tinsel, but now it is one of my favorite things It makes the tree so pretty even when the lights are off.
The old ornaments are so fragile and easy to break. I seem to lose a few every year and that is painful, but it gives me a good excuse to go in search of more.
This year while out junking I found the sweetest little porcelain Christmas scene
Details so sweet!
I never did finish doing the decorating I wanted to do, but that is how it goes sometimes.It has been very warm here in sunny Florida and that seems to effect how much I get done. We had some damage to the house from hurricane Matthew and that also had lots to do with the lack of enthusiasm. Thank goodness for Lilly and her excitement of the season, 
She does not understand why it does not snow here, so I asked her why she wanted snow and she said she wanted to make a snowman, no problem lets grab a few carrots and walk down to the beach and make a sandman.



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