Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Fairy

A doll completed, that sure feels good. I have many things in the works, but they do not seem to  reach the finished part. I am still into the embroidered faces and rag dolls. I love sculpting, but there is just something so charming about a stitched face. The little doll is a Christmas fairy and she is an ornament for the tree.I started out using muslin but it just did not have the look I was looking for,so I used a pair of nylons instead.I hope to make a few more before moving on to the next project.


  1. Hello :)
    Such a sweet Christmas fairy. You've given her so many lovely details.. Her tilted crown and the lock of hair that hangs over her eyes! Precious and whimsical. But so soft and pretty at the same time. I like the sentiment you chose as well. I love everything about her. Your work is so inspiring! Thank you very much for your visit to my blog! I hope that this New Year brings you much peace and joy.

    Tamara <3


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