Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fall Fairy Wands

It all started with a stick. We wrapped the stick with raffia. No glue is needed to make these , but I did use tacky glue when I thought it was needed,but you could use hot glue. These can be made outside with leaves, flowers, grasses and raffia. Lilly loves wands, so we will be making them in all shapes and sizes

To make this one I am using dried sunflower leaves, but any type of leaves could be used

  I tied  three leaves together with raffia and tied to stick

Then tied together little bunches of dried flowers and tied them to stick in between the leaves

then added a silk sunflower in the middle and tied on some extra raffia


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  1. This is so beautiful! You're so creative. I scrolled through to see more of your art. It's just stunning. I also read about the loss of your son. I'm so sorry. Peaceful wishes to you and your family.

    Tamara <3


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