Friday, January 3, 2014

Still working on Christmas

Where did the time go? A New Year and so many resolutions. One resolution is to post more often! I have really neglected this blog, but it really could not be helped. I have a two year old who keeps me pretty busy. My creative time is very limited to the wee hours of the morning.
This is a pic of Lilly and I waiting for Santa to parachute on to the beach.
I know Christmas is over, but I am still working on some things. I made the tree top angel and am working on a few more for gifts and to add to my shop.You all know how much I love coffee filters and I continue to find new ways to use them.
Coffee Filter Poinsettias.
Coffee Filter Angels.
So even though the holidays are over I am still working on ornaments and I have a primitive Santa in the works. Another one of my resolutions is to work on Christmas all year. I have never been able to do that but I am really going to give it a try. I get side tracked and before I know it all my good intentions are out the window.

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  1. Good luck on keeping Christmas going all year long. Even if you don't last the entire year, you'll really have a head start. Not to be mean, but I am sooo glad that I don't have to keep up with a toddler on a daily basis. I have a friend that has a one year old grandson, and he wears me out in a manner of minutes. Hang in there and stay creative!


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