Sunday, August 25, 2013

Paper Doll 3 and a Nest

Paper doll 3 completed and three more to go. Why three you ask? I am making a pdf and it takes me a number of times to get the instructions right and the pictures that go with them. I started making the pdf for myself so I would remember what it is I do on each project and what products are used. I start and stop so many projects. I will get an idea or see something and I just have to stop and do what ever it is while it is fresh in my thoughts. It drives me crazy, but its just the way I do things. This makes for a very messy studio, for so many things are getting pulled out at one time.
I did decide to make a nest, but still need to make a hanger. My intentions are for the nest to become a swing and she can be displayed hanging from a hook. These nests would be so pretty in a Christmas tree or just displayed on a table with a little bird inside. Another project making a bird out of coffee filters! Lol. I am going to take a little break from the paper dolls and work on the pdf.

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  1. Your head is so full of ideas and only good ones! The chairs your painting are gorgeous, and the fairy chairs are perfect. All you do turns out wonderful. Hugs Pearl


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