Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jean Seam Earrings

Lately I have been spending lots of time on Pinterest building up my boards. My time is still very limited, but it is time to start trying to work in a little blogging . Lilly is almost two and I have enjoyed every minute with her. She still wants most of my attention and she will have it! There is still a little time here and there to get creative. Mainly doing simple and quick type projects. I have always been a creative soul, so it is important for my well being to not ignore that. Before I begin with the creative side of this post. I have to share a little story. My youngest son is twenty seven and at his birth I had many complications and almost lost my life. The doctor told me not to have any more children that I might not be so lucky next time. This news was devastating to me at the time for I wanted a large family and really wanted a little girl. There was a time about two years after my son was born, I remember going into my bedroom and getting on my knees and praying to God that he would make a miracle happen and give me a little girl. That prayer may not have been answered in my time, but He did answer my prayer in His time. It is hard during the struggling part of life to give God the praise that he deserves; so I guess my telling this story is a way of praising him and letting it out that He does answer prayers. He can take a terrible situation and turn it for the good. I have my little girl!
I was searching around on Pinterest and ran across this bracelet made from the seam of a pair of jeans. I did make a bracelet and I will share that later. After the bracelet came this pair of earring. I just love them and find myself grabbing them often, they go with so many things!


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