Saturday, August 17, 2013

In The Studio Making Paper dolls

I am in the studio this morning making paperdolls. This is my first post using my little Samsung tablet. Omg! I love this thing! I even took the pic using this thing. This should make it much easier to post and put up pics. I am going to be truthful and tell you that I have had this little tablet for a year so you can teach and old dog new tricks. I even posted a pic us on Pinterest and could not believe how easy it was. The Apps really make things simple.


  1. Nice to see you back. You've taken paper dolls to an entirely new level. Very cool.

  2. Such pretty paper dolls, glad to have you back. Wish I knew how to post on Pinterest? Always something to learn in my old head.

  3. is this doll for sale do u have an esty shop love this linda

  4. Hi Linda! Yes I do have a shop on etsy and am working on putting things in. I will try to add a button to my blog today so you can just click to shop. The paper dolls are not in there yet, but soon!


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