Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In my world there are two things I just can't get enough of and that is lace and roses. I love anything that is white, cream or in between. A little tattered, a little torn, a little rusty and a little worn means comfort for me and a place I call home. I am no decorator by any means, but my home is the inspiration for many of the items I make. I love everything vintage. Most of the item in my home have special meaning. Just on that little table the lamp sits on holds treasures that may not mean much to anyone else , but priceless to me. The lamp was my Grandmothers and was kept in the guest room I would sleep in on my visits. The white bible was my mother in laws and what a gift this lady was in my life. The little dog on the table is wearing a little collar that belonged to a sweet little angel that passed away last year. The little tree holds pictures of family members who lived, loved and have gone on to the next life. Gone, but not forgotten. I got carried away thinking about the items on the table and almost forgot what it is I wanted to blog about. The lamp shade is a small square tablecloth. I Folded and found the center, placed the lampshade upside down and cut out a hole, then put a little fabric tack around the top and glued in place. Then I just started folding and gathering different ways until it was pleasing to me. I would hold these folds in place with big paperclips and ended up deciding to leave them as part of the design. It works for me!

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  1. What a wonderful legacy of love you have surrounding you! Love your lacy lampshade! Hugs, Terri xoxo


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