Saturday, March 6, 2010

Look what came in the mail!

I recieved a couple of fantastic gifts in the mail yesterday and just had to share them with you!
My first gift was from the OWOH Event! I just loved this movie and was thrilled to be the winner. This gift is from Nancy, check out her fabulous blog Her Art Nest

The packaging was so beautiful, I did not want to open it!
Thank you Nancy!

The next gift I am sharing was a surprise from my bloggie friend Susan of  A Walk In The Park.
A beautiful neckpiece and bracelet.
I love these colors!
I wish you could feel this yarn, it is made from sugar cane and it is just so soft.

Thank you Susan!
I love them!


  1. Fabulous gifts! Lucky YOU!!! Hugs, Terri oxox

  2. What lovely gifts! I adore the movie Marie Antoinette - I have loved all the movies directed by Sophia Coppola. She has a wonderful eye for details. And that knit collar and bracelet are so lovely. Lucky you!!! Enjoy!!! :) Theresa

  3. You are very welcome. When you make something for yourself and then you realize that it would fit someone else better, you just go with that instinct. I love the flower closure you used on the collar...see I knew I was right.


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