Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update on the studio

I am putting inspiration up on my inspiration board( which is really a vintage screen that is in really bad shape). I cut my gypsy scarf and added to the skirt of the work bench. That was really hard to do because I wore that scarf all the time!

I made a little skirt for the sewing machine table ( because I needed a larger table I took the leaf of another table and added it to the top) I attached the skirt with upholstery tacks. I am really trying not to spend any money on this project and use things that are sitting around and taking up space.
See you would never know that ugly useful plastic thing is hiding under the skirt.

I found this very gypsy style lamp at an estate sale last week and I just love it.

My little bead fairy is patiently waiting for me to get back to work.

I painted this dresser a while back , but it has found its rightful place and seems to fit perfectly


  1. How fun is that dresser, nice paint job. The hanging lamp is perfect for your room. Love the skirt and fairy. It's fun to watch a room come together.

  2. Every visit to your blog gives me such a color rush! Loooove the sewing machine skirt, and the gypsy scarf/skirt too.

    I think that the fairies made the colorful lamp available just in the knick of time to light your studio. It's pure magic!

    And the dresser is absolutely perfect! It's really coming together wonderfully well! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Wow love your colour scheme for your studio. like the painted flowers too. Its a long time since I have been to see you and haven't you been busy, you've even moved. Thanks for leaving a link to your new site. I have decided to follow you so i don't miss any of the marvelous things going on here.

  4. It must be so much fun to walk into that room. What a creative place. Sharon

  5. are really coming along with this! Love how creative you are with fabric and paints and that estate sale lamp is perfect!

  6. Looks awesome, Kim! :) Love the many colours! That lamp's pretty cool too :)

  7. What is the deal with us. I've been attracted to the gypsy theme too. I am doing a lot with lace and mixed fabrics and a romantic gypsy feel. I'm doing my living room though. We live so far apart and rarely even communicate but here we are again, doing the same kind of things. My colors are not as bright and vibrant as yours. I love you color but because I'm doing the living room I decided to keep it muted. Love your new blog and your new looks. Have fun.
    peace and love nancye

  8. Really great paint job on that dresser, very cool


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