Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gifts in my mailbox

Yesterday was like Christmas. I went to the mailbox and tiny packages were waiting for me. The first was a gift from OWOH event. I was the winner of this heart ornament from Gypsy Mare Studios. I love her paintings! Thank you! My Paper Pixie( made with coffee filters)thinks the heart is hers, so I am letting her have her way until Christmas and then she is going to have to give it up for the tree. The next package I open up was a gift from Susan of A Walk In The Park I am thinking of using the face for a wildart doll. I love it! I opened up the card and there was one of Susan's awesome drawings. I went and grabbed a frame and put the card inside. I thought the frame might be to much, but I like it! He sits on a shelf in my living room. Thank you!

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