Sunday, November 8, 2015

Praise in Loss

May 26th I lost my Son to a motorcycle accident. I have been through many things in my 53 years, but this is really a hard one. I miss him so much. He was a part of my world that made it complete. Now I have to learn to live with this big whole in my heart. I thought  when he was born how much I had to teach him and was I even capable I was scared to death, but little did I know how much this child would teach me. Right from the start I learned to love someone more than myself (something that never goes away no matter how old they get). I could go on and on with the life lessons learned from being his Mom. It is hard to praise God in loss, but I found that praise this morning for God gave him to me!
Thirty two years of memories I carry with me. Jared if you are able to read this ---- I miss your beautiful smile!


  1. Aunt Kim,
    That is still so sad about Jared. He was a good kid. The biggest comfort in Ann of this is that we will all get to see him again and it will be a really fun reunion! Hang in there and call me if you ever want to. :)

  2. Thank you! You are right about that reunion!

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  4. Will Sis; It will have been a year since the loss of your oldest boy. I must take a moment to tell you how you inspire me to keep going every day. Your road as been a hard one and you continue to smile and be a wonderful mother to Lilly. I continue every day to pray for blessing to surround you, because you deserve that. Yes in this world not only the next journey. The reunion will be a great one but I pray each day you find peace and happiness knowing you are and always have been a loving mother. Talk Soon Your brother.


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