Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Granny Square Throw Privacy Screen

I sent my DH out to buy some plastic chairs for a corner in the yard, I mentioned that I would like them to be turquoise, pink or mango orange. He came home with Gator orange chairs. Yes, he is a Gator fan and would really be happy if they had blue cushions, but that was not what I had planed. I kept looking at the chairs and thinking I needed to take them back, but on a trip to Walmart  I spotted the cushions you see and decided that would do the trick of softening the very orange chairs. Good enough for me, on to the next problem, I needed to plant some plants to give more privacy to the area and then the granny square throw popped into my head. It works for me and I love it! I will just keep working on my colorful little corner. The mask I found on the trash and still have one more to hang and guess what color that mask is, you guessed right, orange.


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