Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Romantic Boho Bracelet

I managed to wake up early ( 4:30 AM ) and thought I would make  my way to the studio for a little creative time before Lilly woke up, but as  I was making my way to the studio  I here her crying, so we turn on the Disney channel and watch  a little show called 3rd In Bird. It is really a sweet show. A little rocking and she was back to sleep. Studio time!
I wanted to make something simple and quick. I am a  Boho Girl, always have been and always will be. I decided that I wanted to make a bracelet with a romantic boho feel to go with an outfit I have.  I noticed some memory wire on the table and made a little loop with my needle nose pliers and started stringing beads. Added a few dangles and it was finished. I made two. The center lace is nothing more than a piece of lace scrunched in the middle and a little broach added and tied on to my wrist. The lace is new and tea stained. The only thing missing is  a little leather and I love it!


  1. It's beautiful. It looks more 'dressy' this way, with a little leather, it will look a little more Amazonish (that's good too.) It's a word in my vocabulary.


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