Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sea Gypsy Head Wraps

I have been working on some head wraps.I really like this one made with the ticking. Good with jeans and I am a jeans kinda gal or jean skorts in the summer. I am going to make some more of these for my shop and will take better pics.
I was going through some of my pictures and noticed a little black spot. I did not know that I had captured a porpoise jumping out of the water. How cool is that!


  1. I really like that head wrap how cool. And the pictures are beautiful, is this by where you live? Now I have to find your shop, have a great day and happy creating. Hugs, Pearl

  2. Capturing that shot was a gift from Mother Nature!!!! Love your new headwrap - I adore ticking!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. You look so good in your creation. You are making me want to go dig in my fabric stash. I like head wraps also and I've finally gotten to the age where I have decided to wear anything that I like. So look out world. So glad you're back. ((()))


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