Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My driftwood angel found her way to the top of the tree. I tied her to a cross and she made the perfect tree topper.I want to make some more to put in the shop, but all I seem to be able to find are little pieces and they need to be a pretty good size(driftwood).
I am not ready for this Christmas season to be over. I had so many ideas, so I have decided to dedicate most of my studio time this coming year to Christmas.
My angel Praise watched over all the Christmas festivities and was a reminder to me of how awesome it is to have a God who watches and cares for me. What would the world be like had he not come to this earth. A scary thought!
I had to dig in my picture files to come up with a post for this week. I thought I would share my dressing table. I have the smallest bedrooms in this house, but a girls got to have a place to put on her makeup and this is mine. My daughter in law gave me the little vanity. I think she purchased it at Target.I remember having something like it as a teen, small but it works. The piece in the back was a junking find. The mirror in the middle was broken, so I covered the wood backing with batting and material. It gives me a place to hang things and pictures that are special to me.

One of my sons inherited my love of old things and this is one of his finds.
Many years back, I worked in the framing department of Old America store. Every week a lady would come in with five or six of her pen and inks to have them framed. All Victorian ladies, but most very large pieces that I could just not afford, and then one day she walked in with this size and I just had to have one. This one is called Secondhand Sarah by La Forge.
This is a picture of my beautiful mother. She left this world to be with the Lord in 2005. She was also my best friend and I miss her something terrible. She started collecting frog pins( they are below her pic). I asked her why, and this is what she said:
F- fully
R- rely
O- on
G- God
Why the deer horns you ask. I was tired of them laying around, so I thought they could hold hanging things. They belong to the Dh and are a must keep.
The textile collage is in my store.


  1. Such a lovely picture of your mother! Thank you for sharing your wonderfully personal Christmas Tree!

  2. I just can't tell you how much I've enjoyed all of your gorgeous and heartfelt posts! Soooooo good to see you back in blogland!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo


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