Friday, August 21, 2009

Learning New Things

I decided this week would be spent trying to learn something new. I purchased one of Somerset's Magazines, The Art Of Paper And Mixed Media. There is an article on DJ Pettitt and one of her techniques for painting faces. I hesitated to share my first attempt, but I learned something and thought it was important. I sketched out this first face from my head and the picture at the bottom was scratched out from a photo. I could not believe the difference, so I will definitely work from a photo for reference. I spent no more than fifteen minutes on the drawing of each face( I really need to take a little more time) because I was anxious to get to the painting. I am going to incorporate this style of painting in my future dolls, so before that can happen I need to keep on exploring and playing in the paint. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I started cleaning up my computer room this week, so I am going to finish that up this weekend. I have discovered digital collage and am spending more and more time in this space.


  1. I love to see how you're trying new things and showing us the results. These faces you sketched are terrific. I'm the same as you - I'm interested in so many things, I don't know what I'll attempt next, either.
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. thanks for sharing your painting and drawing tips, I have not painted in a long time, I sketch dolls all the time, maybe I should break out the paint

  3. What a difference, but they are both great. I love dj pettitt too. Thanks for showing us what you've learned.

  4. Wow, Kim! I'm very impressed with your sketches, and I can't believe that you only spent about 15 minutes on each one! Awesome work! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. I have the same magazine and even though I've been drawing and painting faces and fascinated with them for a long time, I did the same thing and learned some new things. Thanks for sharing yours. They are great.

  6. I am off to find that magazine. Sharon

  7. love the style you have 'drawn' out! I want that mag now! It looks like a cool article! Have missed your blog..I have been so busy lately. Enjoying your recently posted art! You are so multitalented!


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