Sunday, May 17, 2009

I am still painting up a storm. It has been a very busy week. The problem I was having with my computer was a browser issue. I have broadband, but it was moving like a snail. Every time I would go to make a comment on someones site my computer would freeze up and I would have to shut down the whole thing. It was very frustrating, but everything seems to be working ok so far. I will go make a few comments and see how that works. It is so funny how the computer has become just as important as a phone. When I started doing this room, it was just going to be a room. But I have decided to make it a workspace. I struggle with trying to keep everything from running into my living space. This is a large area and I think if I am clever enough, maybe I can get everything in this one space. It has gone from a gypsy room to an artsy room. I painted the table last night an ugly gold color, but I think if I take that black curtain panel and make a skirt for it that might help tone down that ugly gold. Black has a way of grounding color. It tones things down a bit.

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