Sunday, May 31, 2009

Do you see what I see?

I walked into the kitchen or maybe I should say stumbled and eyes half closed making my way to the coffee pot. I sit down at my little table waiting for the coffee to get finished. I look out the window and Wow! Is it pink or what?

Is that coffee ever going to get finished!
I have just got to share a few pics, so you can see what I see.
It really is kind of fun!

My new thing to go junking for is fans. I just love them. I am even making some and will be sharing them soon.

I've had my coffee, so it's off to see what all of you are up to.


  1. Congratulations Kim!
    I like the new blog name :)
    I am drooling over the pictures from your St. Augustine post! What amazing details.
    Hope you are getting the wind back in your sails and feeling better?
    Have a great day today! Anni

  2. Your house is so dreamy, I just love it!
    It is a perfect sunny day off to hunt for mermaids

  3. What a wonderful place you live in...

  4. Wow what a view! I like it too, what wonderful colors to wake up to. Oh my! I must have that coffee cup, gorgeous. The fan is great too, I haven't seen the lace ones. I must find more antique shops. Your blog is looking wonderful!!

  5. Ohhh, Kim! You're pictures and your environment are gorgeous! Thank you SO much for sharing. I'm enjoying my morning coffee with your view! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  6. You live in this little fantasy land. Love it

  7. Beautiful little corner to have your coffee in! I have that same
    tablecloth (except rectangle) and I just love it! Kim your place is so enchanting!

  8. Love the new blog... and where you live.... Beautiful..
    Thanks for visiting my blog from time to time. next time we will have a tea party


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