Sunday, March 15, 2009

Products Used For Junk Birdhouse

I forgot to tell you what was used to make the junk birdhouse. I first painted the house with acrylic. Two coats of paint on what would show. I used sanded grout and buttered each section I was working on with a palette knife. You do need to do it pretty thick to make sure the pieces are embedded securely. If the piece did not feel secure I would pick it back up and add grout to the piece itself and place it back down. I let the birdhouse sit out in the sun most of the day. It really should probably sit up for a few days before the next step, but me being the inpatient person that I am and wanting to see it finished, gave it the antiquing treatment. To antique: I mixed Antique Gold and Burnt Umber acrylic paint with antiquing medium(equal amounts on this project). Wipe off excess with a damp cloth. I took a ceramic class way back in the day, and learned that you can add colors to antique gold to achieve beautiful results. One of my favorites Antiquing mediums is the Antique Gold and Burnt Sienna. A good combination for dolls or when you want a pink tint to a project. It would be so cute to do small birdhouses for a Christmas tree, but you would have to use something like Apoxie Sculpt because the grout would be to heavy for the limbs of the Christmas tree. Just a thought!

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