Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Gift In The Mail

I went to my mailbox this morning and another giveaway gift was waiting on me. This one is from The Artful Life. If you get a chance go by and check out Tina's Etsy store. I love my necklace! My family often laughs at me because I have a tendency to wear a little to much jewelery. I am sure their must be some gypsy blood somewhere in the tree. LOL. I do have a little of that Native American blood and they also seemed to love adornment, so maybe that is where it comes from. I also have a thing for leather moccasins which I have worn all winter. I exchanged them a few days ago for flip flops. My shoes of choice for the summer! After receiving my gift, it seemed as if the day wanted to be about birds. I walked down to the beach and watched the seagulls and the shorebirds run in and out of the surf. I come home and these beautiful pigeons were in the yard. I have always heard that the male is the most colorful, so I am thinking the one with the touch of color on his neck must be the male. They did not mind posing for the camera at all. Birds are everywhere. I guess they are as happy as we are for a little warmer weather.

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