Friday, January 30, 2009

Inspiration is everywhere!

I like to try to post at least twice a week and because of this I post pictures of things in the works. After this doll, I am going to start working on some jewelry. Six months ago I bought everything needed to do a little soldering and I am itching to get started.I just love her little hairdo! I thought it might be cool to see where the inspiration came from. I am reading Kelly Rae Robert's book, "Taking Flight" and she has a painting on the cover and her girls have hair like this.
Also in keeping with the theme of collage from the book, I decided to make the dress out of paper cloth. I was going to do a little painting and stamping on the fabric, but I liked it so much I decided to leave it alone. The collage elements seemed to go together. I will add a little embroidery and maybe some crochet and let it go at that. Keeping it simple. I have decided she will hold three balloons, so now I have to figure out how I will do that. Wire and styrofoam is what I am thinking.

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