Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween in the Studio

First came the wreath filled with spiders and not knowing what to do next, I flipped open the magazine right on this page. A sign to make these little birds. Be warned these little things are addictive! You can not make just one. This is link to the designer and her blog- Mattie's Social Circle

This is Daisy and she is another Woodkin, I thought she wood fit in perfectly since she has that witchy look about her
A freaky snake! I just had to share this wonderful creation because it was made by my youngest son. I must first tell you that he does not do things like this. He is half fish and half man and can not sit still for more than fifteen minutes. He has always been this way! LOL. He came into the studio while I was working on the dress form and before I knew it he was picking things up and making something. I Love it! This is him doing what he loves most.

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