Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Sunrise

I really do enjoy my morning walks on the beach. The beach is always changing. A shrimp boat. They are often off the coast in the early morning hours.
Lots of seaweed washing up on shore. Here today gone tomorrow.
The birds run in out with the waves almost as if it's a game.
A little crab watching my every move. Ready to retreat into his hole at any moment. I keep my distance, so he runs to the waters edge and then back to his home. He does this over and over again. I keep thinking the water will get him, but he seems to know just how far each wave will break
It is so quite in the morning. An occasional tourist wanders up with coffee in hand. A surfer or two will come out to check the waves and many will catch a few before starting their day. It is never boring living by the sea. Everyone has their place of comfort and this is mine. I find inspiration here. I found myself totally taken with the seaweed. It is really beautiful. I am thinking of a piece of jewelry as I study this plant lying in the sand.

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