Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Little Flower Power

I painted another dresser for the studio. I am making some progress with the organization. It was a crazy around here this past week. One of my little puppies(Belle)was out in the yard playing and for some unknown reason just started yelping like I've never heard before. This happened in the evening so we had to wait until morning to get her to the vet. That was one long night! The poor little thing was in so much pain. Her leg was broken and she would need to have surgery. My vet does not do that kind of surgery, so we had to take her to another town about seventy miles away. She had the surgery, they put a pin and some screws in her little leg. She has some stitches and is not walking on the leg yet, but is starting to use it to hold her toys. The vet that did the surgery said this is common. She just came down on it wrong. I am just so glad she is doing better. It is very challenging trying to keep the two puppies apart. They have to be separate for 4 weeks. I painted this dresser with Belle's supervision. She loves to go to the studio.

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